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Relics no.4 - Jellyfish Oracle

Relics no.4 - Jellyfish Oracle

One of the first pieces created for our Relics line. Inspired by crop circle designs appearing throughout the world, this piece was created using copper, and colour treated using heat. The colours are iridescent, and show up really well under natural light.


The copper was sealed using a skin-safe jewellery-grade sealant, in order to protect the copper from oxidizing.


The dimensions for the pendant are approximately 2x1.5 inches. 


Design story: Originally imprinted on wheat fields on May 27th, 2009, this crop circle design was studied and analyzed by scientists as well as crop circle enthusiasts. While most people only saw the jellyfish design, some others compared the design of the tentacles to those of the Earth's magnetic fields, and linked it to a prediction of a solar flare. 

Incidentally, there were three solar flares that occured about a month after the jellyfish appeared on the fields of Oxfordshire.




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