Sapphires and labradorite

Sapphires and labradorite

This 1.1cmx0.8cm labradorite has a strong light-blue flash when light is directed to it. The labradorite is slightly offset on the ring band. It is accompanied by two 0.2cm blue sapphires that are also slightly offset. The sterling silver ring band has a hammered textured and it high polished. 


Labradorite was first discovered in Canada, in Newfoundland and Labrador, by German missionaries in the 1700's. It was first named Labrador-stein, until the term we use today came into use. Canada had a quarry that extracted labradorite from the 1950's until it closed in 1992. Most of the Canadian labradorite on the market now is remnants of rough stones from that quarry.  Nowadays, labradorite is mined in other countries and what you see in the market may be from countries such as Madagascar and India. This particular stone is not from Canada.  


Canadian size 7. Please see this for ring conversions. 



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