We are a woman-owned jewelery brand with a focus on handmade design.

Athanasia means Immortality in Greek, and as such, we focus on creating timeless pieces that will keep the wearer company for a lifetime. We create small collections of work at various price points, making our work accessible and attainable. We only use silver, copper, glass enamel and gold and our pieces are all created individually by hand in our studio in Nova Scotia, Canada. 


"I have always had an interest in space and fantasy. I spent much of my childhood star-gazing while listening to bedtime stories of space explorers, foreign planets and an age of discovery in the stars. I create work echoing these childhood roots and memories along with influences from images from the far reaches of our universe. I incorporate technology, metalsmithing and jewelery techniques, as well as small surprises in my pieces which engage the viewer into looking closer, stimulating a sense of discovery within the piece itself."